Innovation is in our DNA

Because we will not be constrained by what already exists but will lead the way in introducing new ways to achieve our mission.


By investing in new innovations we can increase the efficiency and sustainability of our operations, reducing both costs and environmental impact.


We are faced with the challenge of improving our quality and service. As a construction industry in Thailand become more sophisticated in order to meet clients’ demand we always find new solutions to continue improving.


To remain vital, the construction industry is demanding better, safer, energy-efficient and more affordable construction materials and technology. To do so we have R&D department who always test the new technologies and innovations.

OUR Innovation



KwanJai App

Kwanjai is an after-sale support system codeveloped by T.T.S and BUILK ( for repair and maintenance services in property projects.

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Aluminium Tunnel Form (Bearing Wall)

is a formwork system which replaces traditional brick walls and precast walls with reinforced structures to ensure stronger and more neat final end product and helps increase the speed of work. T.T.S. Engineering 2004 codeveloped the system with a concrete mold manufacturer using imported aluminium to optimize the system for construction work in Thailand.

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Auto Climbing Formwork

We imported a formwork technology for vertical structural construction with a hydraulic self-climbing system to enhance work efficiency in typical construction systems. (Post-tensioned columns, walls, and floors.)

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Auto Climbing Protection Screen

Apart from developing construction innovation and technology, we also import technology aimed to promote safety and hygiene in the site.

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is cloud-based construction management software. It aims to ensure that project team members always work off the current set of drawings with real-time access. The software can manage, share, and revise project drawings, and automatically save all revisions.

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Quickform is an innovation for structural formwork. Manufactured from lightweight aluminum Small enough to be able to use human labor to assemble and install quickly Reduce dependence on machinery in work And can create a variety of work formats In order to work according to plan

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