AT T.T.S. we committed to social responsibility

T.T.S. Engineering 2004 invests in many projects in Thailand, while minimizing environmental impact and advancing social development.

Therefore, our success go hand in hand with our communities where we operate. Our approach to helping communities succeed include several initiatives that include healthcare, environment, and cultural.

Our Goal

We aom for "Innovation & Education" Our core values of education and recognizing innovative ideas are the guiding principles for T.T.S. Engineering 2004’s key success.

“CSR isn't a particular programme, it's what we do every day, maximising positive impact and minimising negative impact.”

Jamie Lawrence


January 11, 2011

Container School Project

In collaboration with Wallop Tangkananurak and Narai Property Co., Ltd., T.T.S. Engineering (2004) established a temporary school for workers’ children living in Parkland Srinakarin construction campsite. The project aimed to educate the children during the construction period.


January 17, 2016

Build and Give

In collaboration with Ananda Development Public Company Limited’s CEO and President Chanond Ruangkritya and the Habitat for Humanity Thailand, T.T.S. Engineering (2004) executive team took part in a CSR program called “Build and Give” and helped build two houses for poor families in Ayutthaya.



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